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Personal Experiences with the Jesus Christ Read stories of how God heals, saves, forgives and sets people free from all kinds of bondage. Our God is a living God! Millions of people around the world from all different backgrounds find miracle healing, forgiveness and love through Jesus in our day!…

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Anointing blessed water

God has been using the medium of the anointing water for quite a period of time now, and we thank God for this special grace. Many people have received a touch from God by praying, or being prayed for, with the anointing water. “By using the Anointing Water, you are symbolically…

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People travel from around the world to witness and receive from the mighty work that God is doing in the life of Prophet S.M Dennis. We welcome visitors from across the globe to stay with us and witness first-hand proof that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!…

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Prophet S.M Dennis

12Prophet S.M Dennis is the general overseer of the sanctuary,church of all nations and the founder remains Jesus Christ.

Samburu Mshimba Dennis born on 3rd march 1976 in werugha,Kenya commonly refereed as Prophet S.Dennis a christian minister,tele-evangelist and a faith healer is the general overseer of The Sanctuary,Church Of All Nations[TSCON]
His name has become synonymous with miracles, healing, signs, wonders and accurate prophecies. When he talks about the power of God to prosper believers he really is unapologetic. A humble Man Of God who declares that if God had chosen works rather than grace, he would have not been worthy of the mercy.

Prophet S.M Dennis journey is nothing but supernatural. It is a sure sign that God’s calling is just but grace. Today he is mentor of many ministers, a role model to generations yet to come, humble and hardworking toiling tirelessly for the advancement of God’s kingdom.

His story remains an encouragement to many that God still is in the business of working miracles and vividly demonstrates the kind of Jesus who not only confines himself in the scriptures of the Bible but leaps out of scriptures in the form of extraordinary exploits and miracles.